Delivery/Transport Options

We currently offer delivery services for animals from our own farm with an order total of over $100.We will never push you to use this service or make you choose this service as it is not a primary service that we offer, but we want our far-away buyers that have trouble finding a reputable hauler or making time to drive to us to have this option available.


  • Ducklings must be off heat.
  • Delivery location must be within 6 hours of our farm in Wichita Falls, TX

Price: $1.50/loaded mile (first 25 miles are free).

  • Delivery is free within 25 miles of our location in Wichita Falls.
  • Transport costs and the cost of your animals must be paid in full before we leave our farm.
  • Example rates can be referenced via the map below (exact price will depend on exact delivery location).

 Other Details: We will temporarily share our location with you while we are driving and send update pictures when we stop for gas, food, or to check on the animals. We will provide food, water with electrolytes, and                     bedding as necessary for the length of trip. Especially if we are driving long distances, we ask that you plan to be available for delivery within an hour of either side of the estimated delivery time.

If we have multiple buyers in the same general area that need delivery around the same time and you & them are willing to modify your schedules slightly to make the transport work for both of you and for us, we can split the rate between both buyers.

Our transport rates are not negotiable. Please note that as a courtesy for you, we only charge you per loaded mile, and not for the trip back. We have to consider the cost of our time, vehicle registration/insurance/maintenance, electricity and car charging times. We also need to consider the cost of providing comfortable and safe transportation, food, water, electrolytes, and bedding. Our rates are competitive with other haulers, but we always encourage you to get the most cost-effective hauler (even if it is not us) as long as you are absolutely sure of their integrity and that they are licensed & insured. 

We do not transport/haul any animals that were not sold by us.

Contact Us

If you'd like to arrange hauling, please notify us as you are asking about purchasing animals.