• Black East Indies Ducks

    If you're interested in Bantam ducks but you are looking for something a little different than Call ducks, Black East Indies might be for you.

    We only sell Black East Indies eggs or sub-adult male/female pairs. Eggs can be shipped to certain states, and live birds are local pickup Wichita Falls, TX only.
A female buff call duck standing at alert on top of a wooden table with rustic farmhouse decorations in the background.

About Black East Indies Ducks

Black East Indies ducks, often just called East Indies, are a stunning breed that captivate with their glossy black feathers and shimmering green iridescence. Despite their name, these ducks originated in the United States in the 19th century. The name 'East Indies' likely refers to their exotic appearance, reminiscent of luxurious goods once imported from the East Indies.

Recognized by the American Poultry Association (APA), Black East Indies ducks are a favorite among poultry enthusiasts and are often seen at duck exhibitions. The APA provides detailed standards for the breed, which include specifications for size, weight, and that mesmerizing plumage, ensuring the preservation and improvement of these magnificent birds.

At The Texas Honey Spot, we're proud of our Black East Indies flock. We make sure our ducks are well-cared for, ensuring they stay healthy and their plumage stays vibrant. We offer hatching eggs and occasionally sub-adult pairs from our flock.

We are not currently shipping ducks!

Available for 2024: Hatching eggs and Sub-Adult Pairs (in Fall)

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Black East Indies Ducks, Hatching Eggs and Ducklings For Sale

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A grey, black and white speckled Black East Indies duck egg.
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