PT Testing Services  

We are an authorized testing agent for Pullorum-Typhoid in flocks located within the state of Texas. If you'd like to have your flock tested, please contact us. We do have a fee in order to cover our time, testing supplies, and the cost to maintain our status as an authorized testing agent.


Please send us a time that works for you via FB messenger chat or by phone at 817.550.7888


Scroll down to view the cost of our PT testing services.


Time from testing to papers in hand is approximately 15 business days.

PT Testing Initial Questions

When you contact us, we will have a few questions that you will need to answer.

  • How many birds do you have, and what kind?
  • Have your birds been sick recently?
  • How old are the birds in your flock?
  • Has your flock been tested before?
  • What is the reason for testing?
  • What are your current biosecurity practices?
  • Where are you located?

We need the answers to these questions in order to make a decision about if it is appropriate to test your flock and if we are the best person to do it.

PT Testing Process

Once I agree to do the test on your flock, there are several things that need to happen.

Prepare your farm for our visit. That includes making sure your flock is penned up and secure. I will not chase birds myself, so have them easily accessible and ready to catch. Make sure every bird in your flock is accessible. If any of your birds are free-ranging, bring them in for the day so they can be tested.

Plan to be home for at least 5 minutes per bird. The testing process can take a while, and you will need to be present the entire time. Consider scheduling your test on a day where you have plenty of free time and you can be available to help me with your birds for however long it may take to complete the tests.

We will take a small blood sample from the wing of each bird. This will include plucking out a small amount of feathers under the wing, and poking a needle into the bird's vein near their elbow joint. We will then mix the blood sample with PT antigen to determine if your flock could be carrying PT. Some birds may only require a physical inspection, and depending on your situation, we may not have to test every bird in your flock, but please plan for and assume that we will test every bird. If your entire flock is clean, you will be requested to fill out a form and you will get a response from the PT office within 15 business days.

PT Testing Cost

PT testing unfortunately costs money for us to conduct. The state does not subsidize the testing costs, so costs are the responsibility of testing agents and flock owners. A vial of antigen and testing supplies can cost upwards of $300 at the minimum just to test one flock. I also have costs associated with training and upkeep of my certification to be a PT testing agent. With these in mind, my personal costs for PT testing are as follows:

  • $30 flat fee for my time, certification, and materials,
  • $0.50 per mile over 15 miles from my house (I am in Wichita Falls, TX)
  • $1 per bird fee for all birds except waterfowl, pigeons, and doves,
  • $0,25 per bird fee for waterfowl, pigeons, and doves,
  • No cost for baby birds that have not reached sexual maturity or the minimum age to test.
  • Costs do not include NPIP certification or TAHC registration.

Example breakdowns:
  • If you are 5 miles away from me with 10 chickens, it would cost $40 to be tested ($30 flat fee + $1.00/bird x 10 birds)
  • If you are 20 miles away from me with 30 chickens, 4 geese, 20 ducks, 10 turkeys, 5 quail and 5 peafowl, it would cost $88.50 to be tested ($30 flat fee + $1.00/bird x 50 non-waterfowl birds + $0.25/bird x 24 waterfowl + $0.50/mile x 5 miles)
  • If you are 10 miles away from me with 70 ducks and 5 geese, it would cost $48.75 to be tested ($30 flat fee + $0.25/waterfowl x 75 birds)
  • If you are 50 miles away from me with 200 chickens, it would cost $250 to be tested ($30 flat fee + $1.00/bird x 200 birds + $0.50/mile x 40 miles)

These prices are non-negotiable due to the time and material cost to do PT testing for each bird. If you find another certified tester that is willing to perform these services cheaper, we encourage you to talk to them. Please be aware that we all have the same material costs, and that if they are willing to donate their time, gas money, and materials for free or very cheap, that they can do that but we are not able to at this time. Each testing agent has different cost and expectations for their testing services, and our prices are not representative of other testers' prices.

These costs do not include the cost for NPIP certification or the costs for TAHC registration, one or both of which you may be required to obtain in order to sell your birds legally. PT testing with an authorized agent is the first step in getting your NPIP certification. It does not guarantee entry into the NPIP program. All questions about the NPIP program should be directed to the TVMDL PT office.

TVMDL, NPIP & TAHC Resources for Flock Owners

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