• Call Ducks

    If you're considering adding a feathered friend into your life that's less mess and more fun than a full-size duck, we can help. We no longer raise call ducks ourselves, but we are more than happy to help direct you to other reputable call duck breeders.
A female buff call duck standing at alert on top of a wooden table with rustic farmhouse decorations in the background.

About Call Ducks

Call ducks are a delightful breed of domestic ducks that are known for their petite size, adorable appearance, and distinctive call. These ducks were created in the Netherlands in the 17th century as a way to attract wild ducks to hunters' decoys. The small size and distinctive call of call ducks made them ideal for this purpose, and they quickly became popular as pets and exhibition birds as well.

Today, call ducks are recognized by the American Poultry Association (APA) and have a set of standards that breeders strive to meet. The APA has established guidelines for call duck size, weight, color, and other characteristics, with the goal of preserving and improving the breed.

One of the most popular varieties of call ducks is the buff call duck, which has a beautiful creamy buff coloration that is highly sought after by breeders and enthusiasts. You can see a picture of one of our previous buff call ducks to the left.

Whether you're looking to add some charming and lively birds to your backyard flock or are interested in showing call ducks at exhibitions, these petite and charming birds are sure to delight and entertain.

We are not currently breeding call ducks - please see our list below of recommended call duck breeders in the United States.
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Call Duck Breeder Directory List

This is a list of call duck breeders that we have either bought from ourselves, or that friends or customers of ours have bought from. We will not put anyone on this list who we do not highly recommend. We do not receive any commissions or affiliate fees from breeders on this page.
Al's Quackery
Alison specializes in non-recognized Ancona and Pied call duck patterns. We have bought several ducks from her in the past, and all arrived happy and healthy, despite having to be shipped all the way across the country.
Windgate Farms
Cindy Ruck raises several APA recognized varieties of call ducks. She is very active in shows and knowledgeable about what she does. She has helped us with several call duck related issues in the past. We have several customers who have bought ducks from her, and all have had a great experience.
More Breeders Coming Soon!
If you are listed here and you wish to have us remove or update your listing, please contact us at contact@texashoneyspot.com.
This page is a valuable place to have your farm listed if you offer call ducks. If your farm is not listed here and you wish it to be, please contact us at contact@texashoneyspot.com and provide at least 3 verifiable references and a list of your APA-sanctioned show accolades ready to give so we can feel absolutely comfortable recommending you to our customers.

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